Apr 042008

The spousal unit took the boys up to Canada this week. They’re out of school, and they wanted to see some historical family property that’s going to be sold out of the family within the year.

I am not out of school this week, so I stayed here.

The place has been freakishly quiet. Even more eerie is the way things stay where I put them. I clean up the kitchen, I go to bed, I wake up and the kitchen is still clean. It’s totally weirding me out.

I haven’t done much besides go to school and do homework this week. However, that’s not to say I haven’t been productive:

  • Practices project, due April 21: done.
  • Ethics paper, due at the end of the semester: done.
  • Software project 2, due April 4: done.
  • Software project 3, due April 18: done.
  • Software project 4, due May 2: done.

That Practices thing was assigned the second week of the semester. The professor cautioned us, “Make sure you work on this, I won’t be reminding you,” and I have been. I know at least three of my classmates have already turned theirs in—most of us are overachievers. I’m sure there will be at least a few who wait until the week before it’s due to start, and will then be panicking. I plan to laugh and mock them openly.

And the Software projects are all we’ll be doing for the rest of the semester. As in, I’m now finished with my Accounting Software class.

So I can now breathe a little easier, because all these big projects that were piling up as the end of the semester approaches are out of the way. Next week I can just concentrate on studying for the State Leadership Conference test.

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