Sep 162008

I’ve mentioned before that my oldest son has really become more aware and responsible in the last year or so. As an example, when Hanna was expected to make a showing, I had him help me carry the heavier lawn furniture into the back yard shed. We got most of it in, but then I was stumped about how to fit the big rocker chair in with everything else.

A few years ago, The Artist would have been wandering around the yard, waiting for me to figure it out and call him back to help. Now, he was paying attention to what we were doing so he could help as much as possible without being instructed. When I said I thought we’d have to leave the rocker on the porch after all, he suggested “We could stand it on end.” We stood it on end, and were able to get it into the shed.

Last year he got held back in the 11th grade, due to poor performance in a couple of classes. Over the summer he re-took the 11th grade English class (and got an A). He started this high school year as a junior, but he noticed—he noticed—that he was taking 12th grade English and Algebra. And he took the initiative in finding out why he was in the 11th grade if he was taking 12th grade classes, finding out that he was only lacking one course to be a senior, and arranging to take that course online this semester so that he can be classified as a senior and graduate next spring. By the time I found out about it, it was already taken care of.

I can’t begin to express how tickled I am that he’s taking charge like this. It’s going to be so exciting to see what he decides to do with his life.

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