Jul 092009

The Artist and I are up in Philadelphia, cozily ensconced in a very nice room at the Hilton. We had a late dinner at the hotel restaurant on the 10th floor (great view!). Now Psalgraf and I are in the Business Center hogging up their computers while we yak and don’t actually use the machines.

We took the train up, which was fun—I’d never ridden a train before. We took the subway from the train station to the hotel, then walked the last couple of blocks from the subway.

I’ve noticed The Artist has gotten protective of me in the last couple of years, as he grows more aware and responsible. Once when I was taking him to his bass lesson, I told him I was stopping at the coffee shop next door and I’d meet him at the guitar shop. He admonished me to be careful, because the coffee shop looked like kind of a rough place. It’s one of those just-off-campus coffee houses, in an old run-down building with unkempt patrons from twenty to older-than-dirt mingling with sharply-dressed business types. It does have a low-rent vibe to it, but it’s not a dive. Still, I found it sweet that he was looking out for me.

Today on the way from the subway to the hotel, we passed a couple of homeless men sleeping on the sidewalk. I noticed as we approached them, The Artist switched sides so he was walking between me and the homeless men. Looks like he’s going to be one of those big sweet guys who feels protective of the little people around him.

Tomorrow we’re going to go to the Mutter Museum, and possibly go see the Galileo exhibit at the Franklin. And the Liberty Bell. And who knows what.

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