Jun 112010

They’re persistent, I’ll give ’em that. But I won’t give ’em anything else.

Now they’ve changed their company name, and instead of an IQ test they want a credit report. And I’m sure their web site is a completely safe and legitimate place to enter all my personal information for that purpose.

The fax number is different, but their phone number is the same.

How are you again <my full name>, I hope that you are having a nice Friday.

I am sending a quick e-mail because our department has still not seen or heard anything back from you with regards to the job.

Please understand that if we do not hear back from you by Tuesday, June 15th, we will need to move on to the second choice.

This is also a reminder that we need a recent credit report (Located here: http://JadinCorp.com/Credit-Report) and your availability for us to set up an interview.

If you already sent in the required information, simply disregard this e-mail and we will get back with you in the next few days.

Thanks a bunch and have a wonderful rest of the Friday,

Lindsey Cole
Human Resources Dept.

Jadin, Corp
Phone number: 1 (650)-489-2541
Fax line: 1 (866) 402-4940
E-mail: LindseyCole@JadinCorp.com
Website: JadinCorp.com

This message was Re-mailed from jobs-alze76555847
6/11/2010 1:07:23 PM

I’d better get right over there before they give the fake job to somebody else.

  6 Responses to “The Scammers Are Back”

  1. Thank you for being here! I received a strange email from the “jardin corp” regarding taking the quiz to move forward on employment. I then found your blog and deleted the email. Thanks.

  2. I am very grateful for the quick communication the internet provides. Your blog has saved me time and false hope. 6/14/10 I received the same email you described in an earlier blog. There is no shortage of evil people looking for any opportunity to scam people. Someone seeking employment is the most vulnerable. As a rule, I never put my address on my resume.
    Here’s the email I received:
    How are you (my full name), it’s wonderful to speak with you.

    Thank you for e-mailing us.

    You seem definitely qualified for the current position, and more so than the other 12 applicants we have received resumes from.

    The selection process is almost complete. Jadin only asks for you to complete a quick IQ(Intelligence Quotient) quiz to show the Human Resources Manager.

    Please complete your IQ Quiz here: http://JadinCorp.com/IQ-Quiz

    Reply with your results and an availability schedule to set-up an interview.

    Personally, I am hoping to fill this position with a new friendly face and am looking to your quick reply.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday,

    Katherine Turner
    Human Resources Dept.

    Jadin, Corp
    Telephone number: 1 (650) 762-5607
    Fax line: 1 (866) 797-3393
    Contact: KatherineTurner@JadinCorp.com
    Website: JadinCorp.com

    • Same here–I don’t put an address on my resume, just e-mail. No telling who it’s really going to, over the internet.

  3. I’ve received 2 emails from this “company” requesting my credit report score as well as the results of my IQ test. The second email used an address I hardly ever use. Be careful. I think this Jadin Corp can get into your email account. Thanks, Bertha, for keeping a look out for us all! And, I also don’t put an address on my resume and sometimes not even a phone number for such reasons.

    • That’s interesting–I thought they must have gotten my address because I responded to a fake job ad on CraigsList, but maybe they’re also harvesting them. Wouldn’t put it past a scammer.

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