Oct 312011

Friday afternoon, my supervisor drew me aside and asked me to take off ten or fifteen minutes early. She said she’d clock me out at five o’clock.

I said, “Sure, no problem.”

I didn’t ask why, but I immediately suspected. Because the only reasons I could think of would be that there was a problem with my performance, or that they were planning to fire my office mate and wanted me gone to make it slightly less awkward for all involved. And I know from experience that if there’s a problem with my performance, my supervisor will let me know about it. So as soon as she asked me to leave a little early, I concluded my office mate would not be there on Monday.

I was right, she wasn’t there this morning. Apparently there have been some problems with her performance, which the boss gave her opportunities to remedy—just like he gave me, with my noobie mistakes. Except hers didn’t improve, and they let her go.

I’m going to miss her, because we got along really well. I’m not sure how to feel about it beyond that. This is the fourth person who’s been fired since I started working there, and three of them were hired after I was. So I don’t know if I should feel reasonably secure that I’ve made the cut, or worried that there seems to be a high churn rate.

My supervisor has said that I’m doing fine, so I lean towards the former. Still, it’s a bit unsettling.

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