Oct 252011

The Artist has been looking for a job. Of course, he’s having little luck—he’s hunting for a first job in a depressingly competitive market.

So you can understand his excitement yesterday when he finally got a response to one of his e-mail applications. When I got home from work, he announced “I have an interview!”

“Awesome!” I high-fived him. “When is it?”

“Dunno yet, I just have to do this screening thing.”

My Mom radar went off. “What screening thing?”

So he showed me the e-mail. Turns out it was one of those scams where you apply for a job, and the scammer then tells you to go to their web site to fill out another form or “application” or some such. The site itself was some random name that included the word “Recruiters,” asked a bunch of vague, non-specific questions, and was registered in Nassau.

So we had to break the news to the kid that he didn’t have a job prospect after all. We passed along the advice that if you send in an application and the “employer” then wants you to fill out something on their web site, most of the time it’s just a scammer trolling for info.

Welcome to the world of job hunting, kid.

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