Mar 152014

Last couple of weeks have been a little busy.

The majority of our clients are either restaurants, or construction companies. Up until a few weeks ago, our procedure over on our side of the office has been that Freda decided which client we’d work on, and passed the work along to myself and New Girl. Freda tends to prioritize the construction companies, mostly because they use subcontractors that have withholding taxes which must be paid every month.

The system worked well before I started doing the books for SecondCo; I would do whatever Freda assigned me, then work on restaurants. Now, however, I work on SecondCo, then do the work Freda assigns me, then there’s no time left to work on anything else. The restaurants have been getting neglected.

So a few weeks ago, the Boss declared that henceforth I shall be responsible for making sure the restaurants are taken care of, and Freda will be in charge of construction companies and other accounts.

Overall I think this policy will work better; it allows me to prioritize the restaurants and make sure they’re getting done, and it if they’re still falling behind we’ll know it’s because we need more staff, not because they were just being put off. But for the moment, it feels like one day I was doing my job just fine, and the next day I was suddenly vastly behind. And I hate being behind.

After plugging away at them for a couple of weeks, I’m seeing some progress. But it still bugs me knowing I’m behind, even if I’m not the cause.

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